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It came as no surprise when Brooke’s passion for creating art blossomed. Coming from a family of creatives, after all, with a father who was a musician and composer, mother an artist and poet, and her sister a writer and graphic designer, Brooke’s creativity and imagination was nurtured and encouraged from a young age.


During high school and college, she immersed herself in dance, creating stories and eliciting emotions through movement, and photography that captured the art and beauty in everyday life. When deciding on a career, Brooke loved the idea of cosmetology and laser aesthetics where she could take a two-dimensional representation as inspiration and bring it to life in a way that worked for each client’s hair texture, lifestyle and needs. It was during that time that she discovered her passion for social media.


From that point on, Brooke dove headfirst into managing social media for her own cosmetology business and later a laser and aesthetics spa. She loved not only creating eye-catching images and feeds, but truly enjoyed pushing a brand and telling their story through those social channels.


When the opportunity arose for Brooke to join Kori as a Social Media Coordinator, she couldn't wait to delve into each brand and continue telling each unique story.


 What fictional place would you like to visit? 

 I would love to visit Rivendell from Lord of the Rings! The movie showed that it’s such a beautiful place and let’s not forget to mention Legolas would be a great addition. 

 What is the closest thing to magic? 

 I believe that reading is the closest thing we have to magic. It has the power to transport you to any other world of your choosing simply by opening the book. 

 What technology from science fiction do you wish existed? 

 All of the technology that Iron Man created, such as Jarvis, would be amazing to have! After all, Tony Stark is a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” 

 What movie do you know the most quotes from and what is your favorite quote? 

 I’m pretty sure that I could quote the entire movie “Fun With Dick and Jane” because it is absolutely hilarious! 

“This squirrel died of natural causes!” 

 What is an useless talent that you have? 

 I can quack like a duck. Seriously. I once quacked at a few geese and they started chasing after my sister. She still doesn’t like geese to this day. 

 What would you name your boat if you had one? 

 I would name my boat “Torrential Downpour” because literally every time our family goes out on the lake in our boat, it’s a torrential downpour. That is, after all, why we named our real boat “Storm Warning.” 

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